Sweepri Chimney Cleaning

Did you know that you are recommended to have your chimney inspected at least once a year? According to the National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 chimneys should be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Most homeowners don’t think about having their chimney cleaned but chimney fires are a real thing that can happen to your home and family. Why worry every time you light up your fireplace. Have the peace of mind knowing your fireplace and chimney are in good working order.

Chimney and Firebox Creosote Buildup

Every time your fire is burning deposits of creosote are building up in your chimney. Creosote can cause many problems; the biggest one being a dangerous chimney fire. Chimney fires can cause the mortar inside your chimney walls to melt, sent flames and debris out the top of your chimney on your roof, neighbors house and lawn, cause smoke damage inside your home and obviously set your home on fire. Besides the fire risk, creosote can also be dangerous to breath in. This is why chimney sweeps use high quality masks when they are cleaning out your chimney. When to have your chimney cleaned? If you can see up your chimney into the flue look for any sort of buildup. If you see buildup it is time to have someone come out. If you cannot see up your chimney and you have over 15 fires per season, you should have your chimney cleaned once a year. Have your chimney swept regularly to prevent creosote buildup. Set up an appointment with Sweepri today.

How a Chimney is Cleaned

When a technician shows up to your home he will first asses your chimney and fireplace. Chimneys are typically cleaned from the top down. The chimney sweep will tarp and tape off the fireplace inside your home so when the chimney is being cleaned creosote will not go into your home. Chimneys are cleaned using metal or plastic brushes attached to long poles. The brushes are brushed along the inside walls of your chimney which will make the buildup fall into your fireplace. Once the chimney has been cleaned the technician will vacuum out all the debris that has come out of your chimney and landed in your fireplace. While cleaning the sweep will do a full visual inspection. If there are any concerns regarding a chimney cap, chimney crown or mortar work, the technician will let you know and can usually help you with them right when they are out at your home.

What Chimney and Firebox do You Have?

Ever wonder what type of fireplace you have. There are many types out there but most homes here in America have one of the following. When you call in we will ask you what type of fireplace you have. Now you will hopefully be able to answer that question.

  • Masonary (Brick and Mortar)
  • Prefab (Metal Flue and Firebox)
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Inserts

Our Promise to You

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and help every customer to the fullest extent. At Sweepri we know to stay in business we must please our customers. We partner with the best companies to provide you with a professional chimney sweep. If you have any questions please fill out our contact form. We are here to serve our customers in any way possible!

We do the best to service your area. If we are unable to send a chimney sweep to your home please visit CSIA.org to find a certified chimney company near you.